The 2023 Tennessee Volunteer Doubles State Championships is in the history books!

This year Hermitage Strike and Spare hosted 251 teams from around the state for the 24th Annual Volunteer Doubles Tournament state quarterfinals! The competition was intense and the atmosphere was electric as teams battled it out for the top 42 spots and a chance to advance to the semifinal round on Sunday, April 23rd.

Once the top 42 spots were filled the competition ramped up in the quest for the top 5 spots and a bid into the final round of match play. The top 5 teams would compete in head-to-head match play with the winner of each match advancing with dreams of being crowned the 2023 State Champions.

The top 5 teams battled it out in exciting and nail-biting fashion.

  • Match 1 had the #5 seed Andre Powell and Isaac Porter versus #4 seed Kody Crotts and Kyle Hunt. Crotts and Hunt won the match 490/386
  • Match 2 had the #4 seed Kody Crotts and Kyle Hunt versus #3 seed Kyle Lewis and Danny Waldron. Lewis and Waldron won the match 463/462
  • Match 3 had the #3 seed Kyle Lewis and Danny Waldron versus #2 seed Kelvin Howell and Breanna Boatman. Howell and Boatman won the match 506/498
  • Match 4 (championship round) had #2 seed Kelvin Howell and Breanna Boatman versus #1 seed Ronnie Hughes and Chris Walker. Howell and Boatman won the match 433/376 to win the championship.

Join us in 2024 for the 25th Annual Tennessee Volunteer Doubles Bowling World in Cookeville, TN.

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